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Home furnishings play a functional role in daily life providing storage and organization. But at Hammary we know that furniture can do so much more. We are a team of creative types that find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Our hope is that the final outcome of that inspiration is the coffee table, entertainment console, or accent that you just have to have.

At Hammary, form doesn’t just follow function, it is function.

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You can see and feel the Pendleton passion for quality. See it in the intricate patterns of blankets inspired by Native American designs and legends. Feel it in the softness of the lightweight, luxurious 100% pure virgin wool clothing we produce. We’ve been a family-owned business for 150 years, and for 104 of those years we’ve been weaving world class woolens in our Northwest Mills.

Our expertise and technology have grown over the years, and we have translated that experience into a host of other luxury fabrics. But our legacy of quality will never change. You can rely on a Pendleton for a lifetime of comfort and beauty.

The history of Pendleton Woolen Mills is one of opportunity, exploration and innovation. British weaver Thomas Kay laid the foundation when he arrived in Oregon in 1863. His expertise lives on in Pendleton’s tweed, flannel and worsted wool apparel. Kay’s grandsons, the three Bishop brothers, opened Pendleton Woolen Mills in the early 1900s. They joined Kay’s weaving skills with stunning Native American-inspired designs in the Pendleton Trade blanket, a benchmark for beauty and quality for over 100 years. Family-owned and operated for more than six generations, the uniquely American story of Pendleton Woolen Mills continues today.

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Troutman Chair Co.

Troutman Chair Company, established in 1924, has been family owned since its inception. The Brown family of Troutman, North Carolina is responsible for maintaining the quality manufacturing processes for almost three-quarters of a century.

In 1999, Champ and Jean Land purchased Troutman Chair with the intent of continuing the tradition of handcrafting oak rockers, chairs, and stools in a manner established in back in 1924. Farm house shaker-style chairs, rockers, stools, juvenile chairs, and tables have been the mainstay for seventy-nine years. Items were solid oak, delivered unfinished or with a varnish finish as it is today. Troutman Chair has used their own delivery trucks starting with a 1925 Model T Ford Truck to modern Ford Trucks.

Proudly Made in USA

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